Camplux outdoor water heater

Entwickelt für Langlebigkeit und Leistung

Gebaut für die Straße






This is the coolest outdoor hot shower one can ever expect!


This heater does exactly what it is supposed to do. I’ve had the products 2 years and use it often.


This unit is so nice, you can turn down the heat so low it will shut off but if you want it hotter it will fire right back up.


This unit was just what was needed to replace the old water heater in our RV!


Fantastic replacement hot water heater upgrade for our RV!


Well constructed and simple to set up. Highly recommended.


No more warming up a pot of water to clean my dishes. Where has this been all my camping life?



Mit einer Reihe von Kits und Zubehör können Camplux-Geräte individuell eingerichtet werden
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