Are You Ready to Hit The Road in Your RV?

Are You Ready to Hit The Road in Your RV?


       RV living has gained mass appeal in recent years. Remote work coupled with an interest in more local, self-contained travel, has more RVs on the road than ever. Thinking about diving into RV life? Or getting ready to hit the road in your RV? Below, we’ll cover everything from driving safety to packing tips, to help ensure you have the smoothest ride possible. If you’re ready, let’s dive in!


Full-Time RV Living Lessons from 9 Years On the Road 

  • Drive Days Never Go According to Plan 

         Drive days never go according to plan. To account for the unexpected, many RVers follow the “3-3-3 rule.” This rule guides RVers to never drive more than 300 miles per day, never plan to arrive at their destination after 3 pm and to stay at their destination for at least three days.

         Even when following the 3-3-3 rule, you will still have days when you find yourself arriving in the dark, but when you plan for the unexpected you have more good drive days than bad. This improves your overall RV experience and will make life easier, especially for full-time RVing.


  • Always Have a Backup Plan
        And since drive days never go according to plan. If you’re traveling somewhere new, you just don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.
So whether you’re planning a Wal-Mart overnight, or have made a state park reservation, it’s wise to also still have a backup plan.
       A good backup plan, coupled with the 3-3-3 rule will help ensure your RV trips are more enjoyable. And especially if you’re trying for first-come-first-served spots, maybe have two or three backup plans.

  • The Right Storage Containers Make All the Difference.
          In RV life we know everything needs to have its place. Losing things in only 350 square feet of living space will drive you crazy.

Often things are stacked or shoved to the back of a cabinet. Every square inch of useable space is generally used.So when it comes time to find something, you can’t remember the brilliant plan you had about storing the dog’s new leash inside a ski boot, behind a big stack of books (real-life example).Needless to say, organization is key. But it won’t help much if you don’t consistently put things where they belong.
         Choose low-sided containers without lids. They simply combine like with similar so you can always find what you're looking for. For all RV storage and packing, square or rectangular containers that make the right use of all available space. And, if you really want to squeeze out every cubic inch, also make sure the sides are plumb, not sloping down to the smaller bottom. Even if it's tempting to choose a fun color stick that's sheer or at least transparent so you can easily see what's inside.

  • Water Conservation

          Being an RVer, you learn how to conserve water by necessity. Because most of the time, the water reserve in our RV is not very sufficient, But there are many places where we need water in the RV, such as showers, kitchen water, etc.And we may not find a place to replenish water during driving.     

         Whether you’re hooked up at an RV park, or boondocking off-grid, RV showers will never have the water pressure you’ve grown accustomed to in a stick-built home.If you’re boondocking or camping without a sewer connection, you’ll have to conserve water. If you’re a boondocking RVer, you’re probably a pro at what we affectionately call “the trickle.” It’s become completely automatic for me to open the faucet on only the smallest amount. You really can make a little go a long way.



    • The RV Community Is So Supportive
              Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There’s always someone around and willing to help. The community is incredibly supportive of one another. I think it’s a ‘we must stick together’ mindset. So, if you’re ever stuck on the side of the road (literally or figuratively), it will probably be a fellow RVer that stops to see if you’re okay.


              The RV lifestyle will force change on you, in a good way. There’s something about RV life that helps you squeeze more out of life when you travel. It helps create richer experiences and more novelty in your life. And then it also makes you appreciate home more, too.
    All the new experiences that RVing brings to our lives. Hopefully RVing will inspire people to look out into the backyard, meet new people, and expand their horizons. Cheers to all the new things you'll see.

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