4 Things to Know About Running RV Water Heaters

4 Things to Know About Running RV Water Heaters

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1. Hot Water Tanks Can’t Run Empty

If your tank runs empty, while it’s still on, it will probably ruin it. The elements are made to be used in water and when it’s empty it can burn them out.

When you turn off your RV hot water tank, make sure to turn the heater and the water supply back on.

2. Turn Propane Hot Water Tanks Off Before Travel

Just like propane fridges, you should always turn off your propane hot water tank before traveling.

In some areas, it’s illegal to run propane appliances on the road. Especially in areas like tunnels and gas stations.

Make sure to know the rules and the risks.

3. Turn Electric RV Water Heaters Off Before Travel

There are two reasons for this, depending on your setup:

  1. Running your RV water heater on the battery can drain your power.
  2. If you shut your water off before traveling, you could end up in a situation with the tank on and the water off. This could burn out your elements.

4. Misconceptions

When one leaves the water heater running all day, it’s important to remember that they are not the same size as a residential water heater. This means that you cannot expect that just because you leave it running all day and have hot water ready to go, you can take long showers.

In fact, it isn’t uncommon for campers to run out of hot water mid-shampoo to let the water re-heat. The tank doesn’t have an endless supply of hot water.

But because of its small size, it will also heat up faster than a residential heater.

Of course, if you are using a tankless water heater (like Camplux Water Heater), you’ll have hot water as long as your propane lasts.

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