Why Camplux RV Water Heater RS264 is a great  choice for RVers?

Why Camplux RV Water Heater RS264 is a great choice for RVers?

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If you are an avid RV traveler, you know how important it is to have a reliable water heater on board. Whether you are out in the wilderness or parked at an RV campsite, hot water is essential for cooking, cleaning, and taking a shower.The Camplux RV Water Heater RS264 is the perfect choice for those looking for an efficient and reliable water heating solution.This blog post, we will introduce the Camplux RV Water Heater RS264  why it is a great choice for RVers.

Why Camplux RV Water Heater RS264 is a great  choice for RVers:

High Heating Power:  65000 BTU heating power & 2.64GPM capacity,Camplux RV propane water heater will deliver hot water on demand,no need to waste 20-30 minutes waiting for hot water in the middle of the shower.

Easy Install & Operate: The tankless rv water heater with a pressure relief valve built into the unit, you don't have to buy and install it separately. And it also comes with a 15*15 " door and 1 pc 6.6 feet intelligent remote controller. You can adjust the hot water temperature to get the temperature you want by simply tapping the remote control.

No More Waiting: RV Tankless hot water heaters are better than tanked water heaters. You don't need to waste 20-30 minutes waiting for hot water in the middle of the shower, so you can enjoy hot water at all times. It uses propane for heating, so there is no need to worry about running out of power in your caravan.

Instant Hot Water Over 20 mins: With 65,000 BTU burner, delivers a maximum of 2.64 GPM of hot water. Temperature ranges from 95°F-124°F. Some tank heaters can only store up to 6-10gallon of hot water and run out of hot water in 5-8 minutes, whereas our hot water supply lasts over 20 mins.

Steady Temperature Control: Temperature ranges from 95°F-124°F. This rv propane water heater with temperature fluctuation eliminate technology which can eliminate the rise temperature to avoid scalding injuries, give you a comfortable bath even the water flow suddenly decrease to 0.4GPM. Staged combustion technology controls the amount of flame in summer, prevents the water from getting too hot,saves the limited propane gas available for caravan travel.

Safety & Reliability: CSA certified instant rv water heater with forced exhaust fan on top built-in, stable combustion, automatic gas shut-off for accidental flame failure and anti-freeze. when the outdoor temperature drops below freezing the unit will automatic heating the water system till to 48℉ then unit will stop.

Universal Tank Heaters Substitutes: This RV water heater has a wide range of applications. It’s a good replacement for Suburban & Atwood's 4/6 gallons tank water heaters. The included door fits the desired 16.1 x 16.1 inch size.

Camplux RV Water Heater RS264's package include accessories:

  • 1 set of door assembly;
  • 1 wire controller;
  • Instrcution Manual;
  • Installation package: ST4*30 tapping screw *10, ST4*20 tapping screw *2, φ18.2*11mm rectangular rubber sealing ring *2;

The RV water heater RS264B has a built-in design, saving valuable space in your RV and making installation a breeze; the digital display and automatic temperature control make it easy to adjust the water temperature and flow rate to your liking; it's also equipped with a number of safety features to give you peace of mind.

The RV water heater RS264B is the perfect solution for your RV's hot water needs on the road, providing reliable and efficient hot water anywhere, anytime!


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