Eating Healthy While Traveling in an RV

Eating Healthy While Traveling in an RV

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RV living tips for eating well on the road

Meal prep and planning takes some forethought and creativity when you’re living out of an RV. Sometimes it’s a challenge to keep and prepare fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy ingredients, especially when you’re new to the RV lifestyle. In addition, if you’re driving and camping in remote locations, you might not have access to full-service grocery stores.

However, experienced RVers agree that maintaining a healthy diet while on the road is very doable. Here are some tips and tricks for healthy eating while traveling in an RV.

Plan your RV meals. Because you can’t always get to a grocery store and don’t want foods to spoil, it’s best to plan ahead. Even a rough outline of what you plan to cook for a few days, or a week at a time, will help you stock the ingredients you need. This way, you’re not worrying about what to do for lunch or dinner, which can lead to poor choices.

Invest in kitchen gadgets that make cooking easier, especially in a smaller space. Many RV veterans wouldn’t hit the road without a slow cooker, powerful blender (it doubles as a food processor), indoor (or outdoor) grill, a cast iron pan, and mini-spiralizer to turn vegetables into a healthier version of “pasta.”

Stock healthy protein snacks. Nuts, gourmet jerky, and low-sugar protein drinks and bars don’t take up much space, but they pack a lot of protein. You only need a small amount of these foods to keep hunger at bay.

Do some mini-prep. Rice, quinoa, and other grains can be made ahead as a base for poke bowls topped with grilled meat, vegetables, tofu, and other toppings all week long.

Keep it simple. You don’t need to do a lot of cooking to eat well. Yogurt, fruit, oatmeal, tacos, wraps, cheese, whole grain crackers, slow-cooker one-pot meals, and grilled meats and vegetables are all easy to prepare in a small space. And, don’t forget about frittatas!

Stop where the eating’s good. When you stop to refuel your recreational vehicle or to sightsee, visit a farm stand, grocery store, or full-service restaurant rather than a fast-food joint. You’ll have more—and better—foods to choose from and can also pick up some fresh food for later.

Indulge in specialty foods—but in moderation. Part of the fun of the RV lifestyle is traveling around the country, sampling regional specialty dishes. Beignets in New Orleans! Ribs in Kansas City! Horseshoes in Springfield! And on and on. Unfortunately, most of these regional specialties are usually loaded with fat and carbs. So, don’t feel obligated to eat specialty treats everywhere you go. Instead, plan ahead, prioritize which favorites you want to savor, and make sure you’re eating fresh foods with lower fat and carb content the rest of the time.

Take a hike. One of the benefits of motorhome camping is the access to beautiful landscapes where there are trails and water recreation. Be sure to balance your meals with lots of long walks, kayaking, and other outdoor activities to stay healthy on the road.

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