Camplux Pro Series BD158 6L For Anyone Who's Wanted Outdoor Shower

Camplux Pro Series BD158 6L For Anyone Who's Wanted Outdoor Shower

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The Camplux Pro BD158  is a relatively inexpensive (compared to a complete outdoor shower installation), comfortable, easy-to-use shower solution for anyone who wants a semi-permanent setup. It does require a lot of extra pieces, including a steady supply of pressurized water via a standard garden hose, a 20lb propane tank, two D batteries, and a sturdy, stable place to mount the unit off the ground. However, once installed, this shower provides impressively adjustable pressure and temperature from an extremely comfortable shower head.Camplux is a dream to use once it's set up and is our top choice for backyard shower luxury.



In a direct comparison to the showerhead inside your house, the Camplux is seriously impressive. It provides a full spray that's 2.2 inches from side to side. It has three modes of water output: the regular wide coverage, a center coverage that's ideal for spot washing and dog bathing, and one that combines the two for serious cleaning. One of just two knobs on the wall-mounted unit controls the pressure, helping you to find your perfect level. It's somewhat constrained by the pressure of the water going into the unit, but most outdoor hoses provide more than adequate pressure to allow a very usable and functional level of control.

 A second knob easily controls the water temperature, making this "camping" shower more finely tuned than any other model we tested. Similar to your bathroom shower, the Camplux can be turned warmer or colder, responding to a twist of the red gas control knob within seconds. The only real limit to this is if and when you run out of propane. The shower itself is switched on and off only through a slide-through button on the showerhead, with no power button or switch on the actual unit. Camplux recommends installing on/off valves between the unit and the hose input line but doesn't include one with this shower system. It does, however, come with a plastic screw-mountable shower head holder that points the stream of water comfortably out and away from the wall it's mounted on.

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It's difficult to specify exactly what flow rate you can expect to get from this unit, as it's dependent on a huge variety of factors. Different Camplux models advertise different maximum rates, but all are influenced by the pressure coming in from your hose. You'll also get different pressure and output as you play with the settings on the actual unit, twisting the blue knob to change the pressure and toggling between modes that output different amounts of water.

Beyond just the considerations of your water input, this model also requires a propane tank to heat the water and two D batteries to ignite the propane every time you turn it on. The warmer your shower, the faster it burns through propane. And while the unit itself is technically portable, it requires a stable mounting surface — either through screws on the shower's body or a hangar on a flat surface that hooks securely to the metal handle on the top. The Camplux Pro BD158 comes with a propane line (regulator included), though it's just 5 feet long, meaning your propane tank has to remain very close to wherever you're showering.

camplux pro series 6l camping shower review - directed water that makes for a comfortable dog bathing experience.


Ease of Set Up

After you've set the whole thing up once, it's very simple to replicate the process. In reality, it's about having all the right hookups and components, as well as the appropriate space to mount everything. Unlike most camping showers that are self-contained units (just add water!), the Camplux Pro BD158 requires multiple extra inputs that you have to supply yourself. Namely, the tank full of propane, a constant stream of fresh water via a standard garden hose, and two D batteries to ignite the propane. So if you want to go car camping with this setup, don't forget to take the propane, check the batteries are fresh, pack a hose (and camp at a site that allows you to use a hose), and have a way to securely mount or hang the whole thing. 

The Camplux Pro comes with a bunch of accessories, attachments, and extra pieces to ensure you have all the basics to get started. Two quick-connect attachments for both the cold water input and the hot water output are also in the box, as are a myriad of screws to mount the whole thing and extra O-rings to help stop leakage. TIt's also important to note that this unit canNOT be allowed to freeze. So if you live in a place with seasons, be sure not to leave this shower outside or even in a cold garage when temperatures dip below 0 degrees.

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The Camplux Pro  BD158 is technically portable but made for use outdoors. It requires a lot of setup and a secure space to operate, but once ready to go, this unit gave us some of the most comfortable outdoor showers we've ever had.

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