5 Summer Outdoor Cooking Hacks

5 Summer Outdoor Cooking Hacks

5 Summer Outdoor Cooking Hacks

5 Summer Outdoor Cooking Hacks

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Head outside this summer and cook confidently knowing these five outdoor cooking hacks. Whether it’s just two steps onto your back porch or 200 miles away from home we’ve got a few hacks to make your summer cooking a breeze.

 1. Pre-grease your grill with an onion

We all know the feeling of grabbing the tongs, gripping your food on the grill, and having to rip half the meat off the grill grates. If you aren’t a regular grill cleaner-you need to be. But, if you’re in a bind and need a quick non-stick grill trick-grab an onion, slice in half, and rub on your grill grates. Not only will your entire meal make it off the grill with no stragglers, but your food will have a lingering hint of added onion.

2. Pack a quick fire starter

5 Summer Outdoor Cooking Hacks

It’s not camping unless you’ve got a roaring fire going. If you’re a mountain man (or woman) who loves to cook over open flames via roasting sticks, Dutch ovens, etc. then make sure you’ve packed a few quick-fire starters. All you need is an old egg carton, dryer lint, candle wax, and a match. Stuff your dryer lint in an old egg carton pocket (not too tight.) Melt your old candle wax by setting up a double broiler. Pour your melted wax over the dryer lint stuffed egg carton pockets and let the wax cool for about an hour. Finally cut them apart and store in a sealed, weatherproof bag and you’ll have flames roaring in no time. Try these 3 Hobo Meal Ideas over your next campfire.

3. Take advantage of seasonal fruit

5 Summer Outdoor Cooking Hacks

Seasonal fruit is the new black. Not literally, but kind of! Take advantage of low-cost seasonal fruit like peaches, apricots, cherries, pineapple, and more by adding them to your summer recipes. Keep the house cool and bake your fruit pies, strudels, etc. on your outdoor grill. (Our CAMPLUX outdoor line of Griddles and ovens work great for this.) Baking not really your pace? Simply half a peach, cut out the pit, place them on the grill, sweep with cinnamon and sugar, and grill for a sweet treat all on their own.

4. Pack your cooler wisely

Whether your adventure takes you to the beach, the campsite, or on a fishing trip–cooler packing is essential. Don’t just carelessly throw your bottled drinks and whole fruits and veggies in without properly utilizing all your space. Once you’ve planned your meals we recommend chopping, slicing, mincing, etc. all your ingredients prior to the trip. Store in air-tight containers or Ziplock baggies to keep them fresh. Freeze plenty of water bottles and utilize them as ice packs throughout your cooler packing. This will ensure that your cooler contents stay chilled and don’t spoil.

5. Ice cube for juicy burgers

I think we can all agree that there’s nothing more satisfying than a genuinely good burger. But what makes a grilled burger so dang tasty? Ice-you heard that right. Not frozen patties, but rather a single ice cube placed in the center of your burger patty. This will ensure that your burger stays moist and doesn’t dry out during the grilling process. Not quite sold yet? That’s okay! Sneak and ice cube from your drink and try it at your next cookout. You won’t go back.

What’s your hidden outdoor cooking hack? 

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