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Camplux portable water heater kit, ideal for outdoor use or emergencies. Provides hot water on the go.
Camplux Tankless Water Heater For RV 1.58 GPM With Pump Kit, Grey
Efficient and convenient, the Camplux portable water heater is perfect for outdoor use.
Camplux water heater: compact and efficient. Provides hot water on demand. Perfect for camping or small spaces.
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Camplux BD264 portable water heater: The ultimate camping companion for hot water on the go. Stay cozy and refreshed with this top-notch portable water heater.
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Compact grey water heater by Camplux - 2.11gpm for efficient heating.
Best portable water heater for home use: Compact and efficient, this portable heater provides hot water on the go.
A grey Camplux portable gas water heater with hose, perfect for road trips or outdoor showers.
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Best portable water heater for sale: Compact and efficient heating solution for on-the-go use.
Best portable water heater for sale: Camplux 5.28GPM outdoor tankless water heater, perfect for on-the-go hot water needs.
Chauffe-eau extérieur au propane 5,28 GPM Camplux
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Camplux 20L Outdoor 5.28 GPM Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater
Camplux StreamLine Outdoor Propane Gas Water Heater with Weatherproof Rain Cap


With a range of kits and accessories, Camplux Appliances can be set up to suit almost any adventure.See how people enjoying outdoor life with their Camplux Appliances > 

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