Why Butane Camping Stove's are the Perfect solution for any outdoor adventure!

Posted by Camplux on Oct 6th 2018

Why Butane Camping Stove's are the Perfect solution for any outdoor adventure!

How Do Butane Camping Stoves Work?

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Butane camping stoves are easy to use and a reliable way to prepare food on a camping trip. Stoves fueled by white gas or liquid fuel are also common. Butane stoves are a good choice for most campers, and is the best choice for those who camp in extreme conditions or travel extensively to camp. Butane also weighs less than the equivalent 

amount of propane gas


Butane camp stoves work by burning butane as fuel. The butane comes in a small, easy-to-pack cylinder. The propane canister attaches to the stove through a hose or directly to the stove. After the hose is connected, the user opens the main control, allowing the butane into the stove. Most butane stoves have an ignition button that allows you to light the fuel at the burner. You can then adjust the flame up or down.


Other Gas stove choices:

While propane stoves burn clean and are easy to use, they do have disadvantages. The fuel for propane stoves is more expensive than stoves that burn liquid fuel such as kerosene and butane. If you plan to do cold weather camping, it is important to realize that propane stoves only work to 0 degrees.

Choosing a Camplux butane camping stove is the ideal solution.


Butane camping stoves have many features and can be as simple or as fancy as you like. Simple butane stoves are small, one-burner arrangements that can easily nest inside your cookware to save space in your pack. Larger camp stoves have multiple burners, windshields and collapsible legs. While the features may vary, all butane camp stoves work the same way. If you purchase a butane gas stove with multiple burners, remember that it will require more fuel than a one burner stove. Fuel containers can add a considerable amount of weight to your pack.


Butane stoves are easy to light and the flame is highly adjustable. Ater lighting the burner, you can easily lower the flame to a simmer so that you can warm food slowly or turn the flame up to rapidly to bring water to a boil. Butane fuel is also readily available and the containers that it is stored and carried in are leak proof, which eliminates lost fuel as well as unpleasant odors.

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